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Classic Characters

Paddington BearClassic Characters… most of us, as children, had those toys that we formed our own special bond with and remember with fond memories.  Some of us will still have an old Paddington bear or a Winnie the Pooh bear from childhood.  But why are these characters so special and why are these the ones we hold dear?

That bit of magic that these characters all have in common is the wonderful stories of friendship and adventure, stories that spark the imagination of children today as much as they did eighty years ago.  Stories that are so often recreated with a favourite soft toy, one taken on travels and adventures and who is always there to provide a cuddle when times are tough.

The heartfelt sentiment and enduring humour behind these stories is as relevant and meaningful today as it was when they were written, which is why they have stood the test of time. 


It is that special sentiment that we aim to recreate in our soft toys, that feeling of a special friend to share stories with.  We are inspired by the wonderful stories of AA Milne, Beatrix Potter, Eric Carle, David McKee and others to create extra special soft toys and gifts for children and adults to enjoy today, a special friend to have adventures with and treasure for another 80 years.

Anthony Temple, Managing Director of Rainbow Designs

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