Battery & Electrical Waste Recycling

Battery & Electrical Waste Recycling


Companies who place electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) on the UK market have obligations under the WEEE regulations which aims to reduce the amount of Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment which is sent for incineration or landfill.

Reporting shows that only 10% of all household batteries are correctly recycled in the UK.  The majority go into land fill where they can seriously harm the environment. We are committed to ensuring the correct disposal of batteries and reducing the environmental damage they can cause. All of our toys that use batteries have clear instructions on how to best dispose of them.  Consumers can visit to locate their nearest collection facility.

Further these toys are designed to not only need the function that these batteries support in order to be loved.  We would hope that our toys would continue to be treasured and provide cuddles to you or whoever you wish to gift the toy too, even when the batteries have worn out.

The crossed out Wheeled Bin symbol

Electrical and Electronic Equipment that was made after 13th August 2005 has this symbol on the packaging or product. Use the recycle-more bank locator to find your nearest electrical recycling facilities.